Views on Harbor Village

I am so grateful for all you do to ensure that we residents have an enjoyable & comfortable lifestyle in Harbor Village.

Helen J

We have lived at Harbor Village for five and a half years and appreciate the maintenance team that is available.  If something needs attention we find that our request is attended to promptly and efficiently.  Regular checks of air conditioning units and smoke alarms, as well as replacement of large items like hot water systems or tanks is done and sometimes the team themselves notice things that need to be done without any prompting.  It is a great service.
Enid and Alan

I'm truly blessed to be a resident in Harbor Village. I have a very comfortable refurbished unit and really appreciate this caring and supportive community.

Obviously the layout of the village was given much thought ensuring reasonable space and privacy for everyone. Picturesque gardens throughout the grounds add to it's appeal.

I enjoy participating in many of the activities/events that the Social Committee organize where all are warmly welcomed, however no-one is pressured to attend if they choose not to. It's a real relief to have maintenance requirements attended to and a real bonus to have been able to bring my friendly Labrador here with me.

It's a great life in Harbor Village for which I am extremely thankful.